Upgrade your Sales IQ with
6 Dimensions of Magical Selling

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”

Wayne Dyer

1st Dimension: The Deal

Every deal is unique. So is every buyer, even when the same product is sold every time. Then why not reframe the way you look at each deal based on what needs to be done to win?

We do that instinctively anyway, don't we? Did you notice that your sell to an expert in a field differently when compared to, say, an ameteur? The Deal Dimension simply reframes what you already know instinctively, and shows you the techniques to drive results at scale, permanently.

It's a system to help you retain that instinct, strengthen it and extend it to help you and your sellers function at the next level of intelligence.

2nd Dimension: The Account

After assessing the Buyer sitting across from you, we now look at the terrain. Here too, Sellers know instinctively to make adjustments. The approach to replace a competitor's product in their home terrain is very different compared to selling into a greenfield Account. The only question is, are you able to use that instinct often enough and effectively enough.

The Account Dimension reframes it based on the most productive approach, and equips you with the toolkit and the ways to tilt that terrain in your favour to improve your odds of winning

3rd Dimension: The Alternatives

We are in the Age-of-the-Alternatives (AOTA). The Alternatives available for Buyers in AOTA are more than the list of competitors that sellers identify and compare with. As such, knowing these alternatives will allow Sellers to adjust their value articulation and their negotiation style too.

Things can change quickly. It can go from hot to cold, just like that. Sellers have to be ready to adapt to the situation. They have to be able to think on their feet. That's why we created the 3rd Dimension of Magical Selling.

4th Dimension: Objection Handling

Every deal is like a different obstacle course. Overcoming obstacles or 'Objection Handling' is table stakes. It is dangerous to treat Objections as glorified FAQs with standard answers. It's a low percentage way to overcome them. Instead, the 4th Dimension uncovers the reasons for the objections first and then classifies those reasons, as opposed to classifying the objections themselves. Using techniques that are simple to apply but radically effective is like having short cuts while strengthening the Seller's credibility in the eyes of the Buyer simply by paying attention.

5th Dimension: You (the seller)

The skill and will levels of every seller are different from others. Which is why your standard sales frameworks work better for some and less so for others. Would a 23 year old fresh graduate apply those techniques like a seller with 23 years of experience? That's why we changed the filter to Sales Quotient which is a function of 3 variables that are easy to recognize, easy to understand, easy to apply for better results almost instantly. It's like a 'self awareness' tool kit that destroys your Kryptonite and propels your performance to the next orbit.

6th Dimension: Win Plan

Most Sellers don’t know how to articulate a win plan. A few do it instinctively and execute well too. And only a rare few have the skill craft a plan and rally their team. Imagine how much difference you can make if you knew how to craft a win plan (instead of winging it) when you are in a position of strength, when you are in an position of weakness and when you are in a crowded field of vendors. Whether you are competing in a 'red ocean' or in a 'blue ocean' business, all you need is to know how to have 3 types of win plan and how to pull them off

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