6th Dimension: You (the seller)

Tilt the deals in your favour one degree at a time. Raise your Sales Quotient!

Observation Quotient – (Outlearn)

Replace 'Happy Ears' with total objectivity when looking at any opportunity. Seeing things for what they are not what you wish it were.

Learn to reframe Uphill Battles into No-brainer. Micro lessons to improve your Sales OQ.

Planning Quotient – (Outsmart)

Start with the 3 base questions: What could the the outcome(s), What you don't want it to be, and in an ideal world, what would you like it to be.

When you make a good plan, it talks to you. And then it energises you.

Execution Quotient – (Outdo)

The secret to a successful sales execution is a continuous 2-way negotiations + relentless focus on the path. Not the obstacles.

When you are past the plans and the maps, it's time to become Water + Gravity.

6th Dimension Package

Magical Formula: SQ = OQ * PQ * EQ (in that order)
SQ = Sales Quotient
OQ = Observation Quotient
PQ = Planning Quotient
EQ = Execution Quotient
Get all 3 modules and start practicing.

In other words,

High Rainmaker Quotient = Outlearn * Outsmart * Outdo

Would you like to add a little magic to your Selling skills?

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