4th Dimension: Objection Handling Techniques

There are 3 ways to overcome any objection a) Go around it, b) Jump over it, or c) Just break it. Handling them in a frictionless way makes the reults look Magical ! 

Hearsay Objections – Module 11

Most objections are really a result of misinterpretation of information & communication between sellers & prospects.

Catch them upstream, preempt with Magical Method, followed by an 'auditing' mechanism

Credible Objections – Module 12

Objections based on a prior experience or the view of a credible source Buyers trust & which the seller disagrees with.

2 techniques a) Proof (defensive) or b) 'Question Form', if you know your stuff really well

Genuine Problem Objections– Module 13

Objections that the seller and the buyer are aware of and agree with each other as a matter of fact. Probably even non-negotiable.

Zoom-out technique to reframe the full picture. While prevent magnification by the prospect

4th Dimension: Objection Handling

Objection Handling in Enterprise Sales is as fundamental as breathing. Happens all the time, throughout the sales cycle. One can't avoid it

Rainmakers know how to work through objections in a frictionless way, and they're good at it. The 4th Dimension gives you both sides of the coin:
a) Objection Handling External - with the prospect and
b) Objection Handling Internal - within seller's organisation

Sellers need to have sufficient skill on on these sides. A good way to get to the heart of it is the 4th Dimension package!

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