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Cars require car fuel, jets crave jet fuel, and rockets hanker for rocket fuel, naturally

Sales Bond Academy is designed to equip sales professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in today’s competitive sales landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned sales veteran or just starting your journey, Sales Bond Academy has a solution to address your sales challenges and elevate your performance to new heights.

Sales Bond Training & Performance Management

Most sellers play the hand they are dealt. If they get a good hand, they win more. Such as, a market leading product, a well known company, a solid team, resources, a friendly territory, etc. When their hand weakens, as in a new job or unknown territory or unproven product in a new category, they’re exposed. Their previous techniques misfire leading to a downward spiral

On the other hand, Rainmakers play the person sitting across from them, the Buyer. 80% focus on the Buyer and 20% on the hand they’re dealt. They see through a different lens and therefore see different things, which allows them to plot a winning path most of the time. Like ‘water + gravity’, they find the quickest path to money.

For those of you in Enterprise Sales, this is just another way to look at the familiar. And you’ll find that if you can find different ways and different windows into the same topic, it often gives you a better clarity…like a superpower.

High Value Activities

Separate the noise from signals. Zoom in or out to the right level of detail & edit away the non essential ones.

Better Deal Engagement

Learn to align with buyer's version of 'What good looks like'. Get to the heart of the opportunity.

Better Deal Control

Control the deal through the Buyer. Learn the techniques to tilt the terrain in your favour.

One person's Magic is another person's Engineering

Selling is a life skill. Whether you are seeking a job, a budget approval, a promotion or rallying your team, etc, you are really applying your selling skills.

When 2 people achieve the same skill level and experience in any field (accounting, carpentry, etc), who do you think gets promoted? Probably the one with better selling skills.

Magical Selling is available as 2 options:
a) Self Service, fully modular content, and
b) Fully bespoke

Magical Selling ethic, 'My win is a byproduct of your win'

Buyer 1st, Need 2nd, Product 3rd

Product-Centred Sales: Show up and throw up!
(Seller is the hero of this movie, Seller talk: 80% of the time

Need-Centred Sales: Disciplined Benevolent Robots! (Salesplay/use case is the hero of the movie, Seller talk 50%)

Buyer-Centred Sales: Unlimited Versatility!
(Buyer is the hero of the movie. Seller talk: 16% of the time)

Rainmakers do what it takes to make the buyer the hero: Become a director, mentor, producer, supporting actor, a friend, a villain, partner, ...anything. And they do it well!

What’s Buyer-Centred Sales System?
Check if you are practicing it

Product-Centred Sales System

They have the answer, they’re looking for the question
“They have a hammer in hand and they’re looking for nails” 

It’s a Seller ‘Hero’ journey and each buyer plays a part in it

When Sellers have strong hand (a super strong product, the best resources, a friendly patch,…) it gets results. 

Common Indicators:

  1. 20% conversion rate of the sales pipeline.
  2. Need for 4x-5x of the quota in pipeline. 
  3. Inactive deals in CRM for far to long
  4. Deal Stages are stagnant or inaccurate. ‘Word salad’ updates.
  5. Deals tend to be single threaded (Only 1 point of contact)
Buyer-Centred Sales System

See the Buyer’s ‘movie’ 1st & what it takes to make Buyer the ‘Hero’
“They decide on the approach after seeing the ‘movie’”

It’s a Buyer ‘Hero’ journey and seller finds a key part in it.

Buyer is the ‘Trunk or Stem’ of the ‘sales tree’. Needs, solutions & Products are the small branches, twigs & leaves that hang on to it.

Common Indicators:

  1. >50% conversion rate of the sales pipeline. 
  2. Need 1.5x the quota pipeline (or thereabouts)
  3. Directional progression is mostly continuous and visible 
  4. Deal stages are accurate or conservative. Precise updates.
  5. Deals tend to be Multi threaded & a 2 way communication 

It's not a picnic. It's not a weekend retreat either.

Agile GTM Blueprint

Imagine trying to find your way using the wrong map. Even if you start off with the right map, the shifting sands in the new normal can render your map useless.

Get the Revenue Map and the action plan to for your for your frontline to execute.


Everyone has advice on sales & selling. We prefer to walk the walk.

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We combine those battlescars with 1st Principles reasoning, to propel your sales to the next orbit.

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