We energize your front line to execute better!

At Magical Selling, we developed a Buyer-Centred sales system derived from 1st Principles. It's like a GPS for Enterprise Sales with the flexibility, the elasticity and the tensile strength to fit into every unique sales situation you encounter.

Agile GTM Blueprint

Where the money? What does it take to get it? How do we go about getting it? Practical & Pragmatic


Hire 'Special Forces' to sell for you. Work shoulder to shoulder with you. Get it ready for the 'regular army' to take over from there

Weaponized Sales

It's hard to attract & hire Rainmakers. Not everyone can afford them too. Weaponize your Sellers with the right knowledge to ramp up the results

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Magical Selling is just another way to look at the familiar. We realise that if you can find different ways and different windows into the same topic, it often gives you better clarity...like a Super Power
Turn your strategy into a real plan of attack for the front line

Our Approach to Your Sales Success​

We take away your 'Kryptonites' and unlock your strengths. And then we use 'Buyer-Centred Sales' reframe to channel that energy into outstanding performance. All you do is put your focus in one area as opposed to another for a good result.

1 - Discovery Session​

"Knowing what you don't know is more useful than being brilliant" - Charlie Munger

We bring relentless objectivity to the table and diagnose the symptoms, the problems and their interconnections to the underlying causes in your Sales and GTM functions. Our target is to get to story behind the story.

2 - Alignment of Out Comes

Amit rapidly shifting sands in the business environment, continuous course correction skills are table stakes.

Alignment with just the final outcome is no longer enough. Ensuring the output of one step becomes the input for the next at every step of the sales activities is necessary to get the desired outcome. The blind spots and bottlenecks show up at several layers.

We upgrade your Sales 'user interface' to eliminate blind spots and filter out the distorting noise to help see what is needed more accurately.

3 - Develop a Custom Approach​

We then focus on the 80/20 rule of the most productive aspects for your business and co-create plan to solve the real problems you are facing.

This includes your current or previous deals in your priority accounts, for your priority products/services. Usually it means the top 2-3 priorities for the leadership team as well as the top 2-3 priorities for every individual seller

We articulate a clear vision of actions required, and detailed execution plans to guide you every step of the way.

4 - Deliver The Custom Workshops

We gain a granular view of each items with the help of the person(s) incharge. It is then dovetailed with your own use cases, accounts, deals, skills and targeted outcomes to deliver a 2-5 day workshop.

This is not a picnic. It's not a weekend retreat either. It's a complete reframing of the Enterprise Sales picture you see. You get practical tips, techniques and micro lessons to plug in the gaps, add reinforcements engineered to take out all stops in your ability to realise your sales potential

5 - Continuous Course Corrections

Getting your game up a notch is the first step. We then work with each individual to make the higher productivity a permanent feature.

In order to embed this higher level of performance into the sales culture, we create an ecosystem of different players in your sales organisation to work as a unit in a consistent manner.

This is designed to enable each seller to have their own learning curve and create a healthy competition to deliver outstanding performance.

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Survival of the fittest. That's what Enterprise Sales really is. Get match fit.


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