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"Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games" Babe Ruth

Solving the world hunger for Sales Skills

Enterprise Selling is like conquering a mountain range of corporate challenges with a jetpack of persuasive prowess. Think of it as a high-stakes poker game where the chips are contracts and the cards are your compelling value propositions. Your mission? To outwit, outplay, and out-sell the competition. It's a thrilling espionage mission where every move counts!

Magical Selling for Unusual Results

Agile GTM Blueprint

Timeless Rule: Skip Go-to-Market, Leap Directly to Go-to-Money!" Your Guide to Direct Success Currency!

Sales Bond Academy

..where sellers graduate as masters of persuasion, armed with an arsenal of gadgets and the spirit of suave sophistication.


The Suave co-pilot in every Startup's Quest for Conquests! Join Forces with us, and Let's Ignite Revenue Rockets Together.

How We Elevate Your Enterprise Sales

The unknown can be a treacherous terrain to tread. But even if you've got a roadmap, the journey can still take unexpected twists & turns. When you're building a sales powerhouse, to conquer dynamic & fiercely competitive markets – it's like taming a wild dragon.

We've danced with these dragons before. Our experience is your treasure trove of insight and innovation. We're your advisors and partners in weaving sales success. We'll guide you through the maze of tactical challenges, with flexibility at every stride. Consider us your co-pilots joining you to operate the sales engine.

Discovery Session

Having an accurate Situational Awareness is a competitive advantage. Leverage 1st Principles reasoning in order to be radically efficient in sales and in life.

Step 1: Bottlenecks and Blindspots

We start by understanding what Input metrics and Output metrics you are measuring for your revenue function.

Step 2: Control Mechanisms and Cadence

The inspection mechanisms you have in place and where are the breakdowns happening. How they compare to best practices for your current situation

Step 3: Orbit Shifter

Co-create the potential path to the desired level of performance, with precise fixes that are results centred.

6 Dimensions of Magical Selling

6 Dimensions is built on the premise that every deal is unique and needs a unique response to win.

When something is broken, the symptoms show up in Sales. Over 80% are a result of sellers looking at the wrong fix. They focus on playing the hand they're dealt. The features, benefits, value, outcome etc. The odds of solving hard Sales problems with those tweaks is about the same as a roll of the dice.

Solve them with a single adjustment. Shift your focus to playing the person sitting across from you, the Buyer.

Magical Selling Services

We are on a mission to Empower every company to achieve more sales success.

#1: Advise: Agile Go-to-Market Blueprint. Make it easy for the front line to execute

#2: Implement: Buyer-Centred Sales Training. Gear up with 6 Dimensions of Magical Selling.

#3: Operate. Find the quickest path to revenue with Sales-as-a-Service. We build sales ecosystem for you.

Product Market fit, Quota achievement, Rep Productivity, Deal Conversion, Market Expansion, Value Articulation and more.

Explore our recent project success stories at Magical Selling!

Project Three

Sales-as-a-Service for a US based startup Generate

Project Two

Project Two: 6 Dimensions of Magical Selling Sales

Project One

Project 1: Agile Go-to-Market + Sales-as-a-Service

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