2nd Dimension at Magical Selling

Sellers need to interpret & translate the terrain, operating environment for every team member to have a  common framework in which to apply their efforts! 

Defense Account – Module 5

It's the account that you have won and your primary job is to keep it and grow it. It is your Fort.

Offense Account – Module 6

It's the account that your competitor won and your job is to replace them. Or another slice.

Net Neutral Account – Module 7

Its an account that is green field and your job is to win them over. Get them to choose you.

2nd Dimension Package

In a fight between a bear and an alligator, it is the terrain which determines who wins.” – Jim Barksdale

Equip yourself with the arsenal that is suitable each of those 3 terrains

- Equipment, Tools & Techniques, Early Detectors,

- The people, the training, the practice, the teamwork

- The Money Map, People Map, Technology Map

- Reusable terrain-specific Strategies and Tactics.

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