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Creating the perfect plan to fit your business

How long does it take?

Enterprise Sales Fitness Test: 2-4 weeks

Individual Sales Fitness Test:  90 minutes/Seller

Sales Transformation Program Intro: Upto 3 days

Sales Transformation Program Jumpstart: Upto 3 months

Sales Performance Management: Ongoing

Can we select the specific problems to fix?

Yes. We target the high impact areas first. Each organisation outlines the top 3 metrics for improvement and we develop the fix, test fast for results and then scale

How do we measure the outcomes?

We start with the list of metrics that you wish to improve. What are those metrics now and what would you like them to be, along with the timelines and other specifications. We measure the results against them

Is it a fixed fee engagement?

Advisory Packages: Fixed fee for the scope determined upfront

Implementation: 50-70% fixed and the balance upon meeting the target metrics. 

Operate: This varies significantly from company to company. A thumb rule is <50% fixed fee and a performance based fee

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