3rd Dimension - The Alternatives

In the Age-of-the-Alternatives (AOTA), Value-Articulation is the new Negotiation!

Direct Competitor – Module 8

Learn how to prepare direct competitor landscape on the basis of high value signals. And then connect those dots back to your own position.

The primary game here is the same as others. The element of surprise is a formidable advantage. Get the tool kit.

Edge Competitor – Module 9

The primary game is different but there is an overlap between the two games and that's where the battle will be fought. Playing your own game well is table stakes

Whoever gets better alignment with the Deal "Gravity" tends to get the pole position. That's a high ground maneuver.

Disruptive Alternative – Module 10

The games are usually vastly different. Sometimes by an order of magnitude. Recognising the Disrupter is paramount. Making yourself flexibility is next.

Stay-in-the-game for as long as possible. Then improvise when you reach the striking distance. Set the "Icing Problem" trap.

3rd Dimension: The Alternatives

If you want to win the prized 'deal', you must negotiate your way through fast paced disruptions.

It's well known that every Enterprise Seller is disrupting somebody's business, while defending their own business from getting disrupted by somebody else.

The 'Master Key' to unlock your power is Value-Articulation. The degree of precision with which you use it determines your outcomes.

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