Planning Quotient – Module 18


The planning and preparation process is indispensable. It helps develop the ability to see clearly in hazy environment, especially in the second half of the sales cycle.

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Planning helps you slide past the defences of the Buyers. Helps steer the effort in the direction you want to move. Average sellers rely on standard pitch decks as differentiators. Some are good at planning in their minds. And a rare few are able to make it  coherent to their team. A well articulated Win Plan energises the team and channels it smoothly towards the goal. It optimises resource allocation and improve the odds of winning.

Some win plans are full blown and others are simple bullet points. There are many varieties and flavours to the plans. Account Plans, Territory Plans, Hiring Plans, and so on. We zoom in on how to win deals modify it into larger plans for better Go-to-Market.


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