Hearsay Objections – Module 11


See the objections accurately for what they are. Slice through the objections with the most appropriate response with these techniques.

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For those of you in Enterprise Sales, this is a bread and butter skill. Yet most sellers treat objections as if they are frequently asked questions. They have a list of these hypothetical questions and canned answers. Experienced Sellers know that

a) The same objection by a different person in the Buyer Organisation may need a different response.

b) The same objection by the same person at a different point in the same sales cycle may need a different response.

Sellers often make the mistake of giving the same response for the same question. Learn how to identify the real reason behind objection and pair it with an appropriate response.

Hearsay Objections are the most frequent ones in sales cycle. They’re also the easiest to overcome and preempt.


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