Direct Competitor – Module 8


Get the best practices of winning against direct competitors. There are regional players and global players. The advantage is that they’re playing the same game. It’s a matter of who plays that game better and who executes better.

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Direct Competitors are a bread and butter to keep you on track and sharp. It’s important to familiarise yourself with their products, the differences in order to stay ahead of their game. The localized tactics is where the main action is. How well they are connected to and resonate with the local buyers is what separates the winners from losers.

Use the ‘So What’ technique to get a real sense of differentiation. Any feature that’s not fitting directly into the way Buyers plan to use a product is, in their mind, unnecessary pay. And Buyer’s will attempt to pull that price lower. That’s why it is tactically important to stick with the features that directly benefit and then position the remaining as future proof.


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