Mastering Sales Bond’s Double-Wing Jetpack

The classic ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’ dilemma – a common pitfall in the world of sales. Imagine this: you’re so absorbed in counting each individual leaf that you fail to grasp the majestic expanse of the entire forest. In sales, it’s about striking the perfect balance – yes, details matter, but losing sight of the big picture can leave you wandering aimlessly!

First, Command-of-the-Message (Wing M)

Awareness of the message is memorizing & repeating a well articulated message to clients, the way your company wants it to be articulated, is table stakes. But it’s not Wing M.

It becomes Wing M, when that message is articulate coherently in as many varieties and flavours as there are stakeholder roles in the Buyer’s organisation. Imagine this: On the buyer’s stage, you’ve got a cast of characters – business user, technical users, influencers, budget gatekeepers, legal eagles, business owners, decision makers, and more. If you’re not armed with one variety and one flavour of your message for each of those roles, you’re likely dancing to the rhythm of your competition’s tune. Craft each variety and flavour with these 3 ingredients:.

  • Strategic Storytelling: Transport prospects into a world where their challenges are met with solutions, and become a tangible reality. Don’t just convey facts; paint a canvas of possibilities 
  • Empathetic Empowerment: Words become a balm for a prospect’s pains. Empathise, understand, and offer tailored solutions that address their unique needs. It’s about empowering.
  • Clarity and Impact: Avoid lost in translation; make them crisp, impactful, and laser-focused, ensuring that every word serves a purpose and every sentence resonates well.

Sample list of 7 flavors

  1. Business users: Increased efficiency, streamlined processes
  2. Technical users: The intricate gears that power your solution
  3. Influencers: Enhanced reputation & a spotlight
  4. Budget gatekeepers: Swift ROI
  5. Legal Eagles: Risk mitigation
  6. Business Owners: Bigger dreams & grander achievements
  7. Top Decision Makers: A panoramic vision of a transformed future

Second, Command-of-the-Details (Wing D)

Now, shift to the intricate details of a deal, like what happens between 2 simple meetings such as a pitch session followed by a demo session the following week. Strategically, have key internal talks, repeatedly validate with your Champion for precision

  • Meticulous Preparation: Victory is born in preparation. Equip Yourself: Know Your Audience’s Top Priorities at a granular level. Typically, several calls with champion leading to next session.
  • Adaptive Agility: Anticipate the outcomes of each topic. Adapt to every twist & turn, to pivot seamlessly, alter strategies when the situation arises, all while maintaining a firm grip on the reins.
  • Closing the Loop: Don’t let details slip through the cracks. From the initial touchpoint to the final handshake, meticulously and proactively track interactions, and let no opportunity go unexplored.

With Double-Wing Jetpack in their arsenal, Sellers can transform the sales landscape. They ascend to a realm where success isn’t just achieved; it’s mastered.

Up Next: Deal Reality-Triad Probe. Coming soon…

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