Break The Mold: Become the Rainmaker you were born to be

Enterprise Sales is evolving rapidly. Upgrade your Sales IQ to sell better.

Sales IQ, also known as Sales Quotient or SQ, measures a person’s selling ability. Its purpose is to gauge how effectively a seller can utilize information and skills to close deals or identify the quickest path to revenue. There are 3 parts to it:

  • Awareness Quotient (AQ): If you’ve encountered or worked alongside a Rainmaker, you know that they see things differently from average sellers and have a knack for finding the quickest path to win. It’s called Awareness Quotient. The Awareness Quotient involves the ability to see all the moving parts in a deal. It allows sellers to zoom in or zoom out to the right level of detail in each of these moving parts, and ignore the rest. It separates noise from signals.                         
  • Planning Quotient (PQ): This pertains to what you do with the awareness you possess and how you intend to execute your plans. Variations exist for Deal Win Plans, Account Plans, and Territory Plans.  Knowing what needs to be done requires simplifying a complex process and plotting the path to win. It requires a coherent articulation of the path forward, smart resource allocation, and a way of measuring progress.


  • Execution Quotient (EQ): Think of this as the ultimate test. It involves making adjustments, improvisations, and real-time course corrections to steer the outcome of the deal in your favor, outsmarting competitors.

A Command-of-the-details generally stands as the most crucial factor in becoming a Rainmaker, when the rubber hits the road.

“When Sellers can separate each of these parts, they start making unique adjustments to fix the underlying causes.  That’s the beginning of unshackling your Sales Potential.”

Here’s a simplified formula to enhance your Sales IQ:

SQ = AQ * PQ * EQ

Note: Just as the strength of a chain is determined by its weakest link, your ability to become a Rainmaker is dictated by your weakest skill among these three.

Teaser: Can you guess the name of the Rainmaker? Coming soon…

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