Sales-as-a-Service for a US based startup

Generated early revenue & created a Scalable Sales Ecosystem

Start with the Outcome

,- 7 Telecommunications and 3 banking clients won for the Start up in 6 countries, among other early customer wins.

– 24 month engagement and handover to the regular sales team

– Designed and executed Early Adopter Program to ensure product-market fit

The Backstory 

The Start up was creating a new category to solve operational problems on a certain established vendor platform. The founders had a deep understanding of the Subject Matter in that space. They needed a way to get the network of all enterprises who were using that particular platform to test the market potential and increase the market valuation and raise the next round of funding. 

Is the deal real?

First, we connected with the known network of customers to gauge their interest in the solution. We got them to talk, probed until we were clear where it hurt, then zeroed in on where to look and how to position. While we qualified each prospect thoroughly at the deep end, we used that knowledge to build a discovery form on the website for visitors to take a rapid assessment test on improving their metrics of success customers using our solution. It was simple and fun way to engage the website visitors. Just input 5-6 variables for the 1st level of screening.

Is the deal real for you?

This is the 2nd level of detail which was engineered to be validated during demonstrations and test drives. On one hand experienced sales reps to persuade the well recognized brands to spend time and resources, not to mention budgets, to evaluate the fit. When we crossed the estimated 80% threshold we set for the product fit to the requirements, it was clear we were in the game.


Is the deal real for you now?

Of course it’s not over until revenue recognition. The real test was to be able to sell to client’s urgency. We calibrated the tradeoffs between the budget, the business value, time spent and ensured a favourable ratio. It was engineered to withstand competition from other projects within the client’s organisation.  Even more so when particular was not budgeted previously.

We created an Early Adopter Program to minimize the process friction. The plan was to make them referenceable rock stars in their organisation when the solution went live. 

*Our clients’ confidentiality is paramount. The results are real although we’ve changed their names.

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